About the girls〜

REIKO ★POPkakumei's Leader

Nickname : Reiko The Unicorn

Real name :
Born on : Halloween, that’s why I dress this way, you know.

Blood type : B+

Astreologic sign : Scorpio ♏

Style inspiration : Space, pastries and fluffy things in general.
Hobbies : Fangirling, sewing, crafting, cooking and drawing.

Favorite food : Cheesecake and seafood.

Favorite brand : CyberDog and Milklim.

Favorite japanese style : Fairy kei and Cyber pop.

Favorite colors : Pink and blue.

Favorite accessory : The ones that my friends make or give me.

Favorite sentence : I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.  - Marilyn Monroe

Fashion Icons : Mai Mai, Kurebayashi and Mrnt.

Favorite music groups: TVXQ\JYJ , EXOPLANET & 2NE1


Name: Momo Juju
Born on: June 14th
Astrological sign: Gemini~
Style inspirations : A lot of my inspiration comes from pictures on tumblr and of the people that surround me. I personally really like little girly, childish things so I like to include that into my coords a lot. I find dolls very inspiring as well when it comes to makeup.
Hobbies : I spend most of my time online... But I like to draw when I am computer deprived.
Favorite food: Everything...
Favorite brands: Milklim, Angelic Pretty, Spank!, ManiaQ and Pinkly Ever After
Favorite fashion: Fairy Kei
Favorite fashion icons: I can not really say I have one icon in particular, there are a lot of people who I find amazing with their styles all over the internet, but I have to say that I really like Kurebayashi. She is so pretty and wild with her fashion sense!
Favorite colors: I like pretty much all pastel colors, but I have this thing for mint and purple put together...
Favorite accessory : A lilac and mint bow my friend Candy made me, because it has my name on it and it's handmade just for me! It made me feel so happy when I got it, that she remembered my favorite colors too!
Favorite quote : Kopir, OUPS
Favorite music band: EXO


Nickname : JiJi

Real name : Jeanne

Born on : september 12th 2012

Blood type :
Astrological sign : Virgo ♍

Style inspirations : grannies and little girls

Hobbies : Drawing, sewing, making jewellry, internet

Favorite food : chicken, salmon, asian and arabic food, sweets

Favorite brand : i prefer handmade and vintage

Favorite fashion tribes : Dolly, fairy, hadeko, mori, grunge

Favorite fashion icons : Choco, mimeko

Favorite colors : I like ashy and old-looking colors

Favorite accessory : chouchous, socks ruffles, necklaces

Favorite quote :
Favorite music bands: SuG, an cafe, Plastic Tree, Block B, BAP, Big Bang

SV ♥

Nickname : SV

Real name : Sara-Michèle

Born on : 25-12-93

Blood type : A+

Astrological sign : Capricorn ♑

Style inspirations : Akiba Idols, High School Uniforms, Street Fashion

Hobbies : Hanging out, trying to make nice outfits ;0;, fangirling !!!

Favorite food : Milka ♥

Favorite brand : I don’t look at brand~

Favorite fashion tribes : Fairy Kei, Horror Kei

Favorite fashion icons : Catherine kill33, Juria, Tavuchi

Favorite colors : White, Grey, Pink, Lilac~

Favorite accessory : Pins, Bows, Socks

Favorite quote : 어떤 가르침은 고통의 탈을 쓰고 온다 [Some lessons are only delivered in the form of pain]

Favorite music bands : MBLAQ, FT Island, Brian Joo, Miyavi, AKB48

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