As you should already know, on the 20th of October, Pop Kakumei participated to J-fest Halloween Edition. We met Kumi at the metro station early in the morning, as she had travelled from Québec city just to see us! Then, we went shopping a little to buy light sticks and some other things for the event. As everybody was here, I decided to do my birthday party earlier, so we went to a Mexican restaurant where they give you a sombrero and sing for you when it’s your birthday~!

At around 6pm, we went to Momo’s house to get ready. To be honest it was quiet stressful as we all wanted to be perfect for the occasion! We helped each other by doing our hair and sharing our makeup, Pop Kakumei works the best when we are all together! At around 9pm we were all ready and dressed up. Everyone tried to represent a different fashion style, from fairy kei, to cyber pop, cult party kei and even shironuri.

We arrived to the venue a little early, we were all excited and patiently waited for the meet and greet with Takuya Angel to start. He was really kind and a little shy~ We presented ourselves and introduced the group, as Nii speaks Japanese fluently and Jiji is studying really hard we were able to communicate with him.  There was also a booth for his brand with lots of interesting accessories and clothes.
During the night, we spent time with our friends, dancing, eating snacks and meeting new people. Not all the girls in Pop Kakumei enjoy dancing as much as I or Momo, but we all had fun. 

When we were really tired we came back to Momo’s place. After undoing our hair, removing our makeup and changing into our pyjamas, everybody sang happy birthday to me in different languages and we ate cake.  Pop Kakumei’s favorite way to eat a cake is to give each person a fork and just share the whole cake without cutting it! We don’t have pictures of this because at that time of the night we looked like mommies!

Because we bought VIP tickets for J-fest we were able to spend the next day with Takuya Angel, we went to a famous restaurant where they specialise in poutine, a typical French Canadian dish. After the delicious meal, we took a walk to the downtown to finally end up in chinatown as usual! We can’t help ourselves! 
Unfortunately we weren’t expecting to spend the day with such a guest, so we didn’t have any good outfits prepared…

To conclude, it was such an amazing weekend with lots of surprises and the best part is that the whole Pop Kakumei was together!  I hope we’ll get to see Kumi again soon!

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