Momo's Doll Inspired Makeup Tutorial♡

I wanted to share a new makeup tutorial with all of you, inspired by both dolls and gyaru makeup! I hope you guys can have fun with it and try it at home~ (●⌒∇⌒●)

That's all! Have fun~
- Momo Juju  *(*´∀`*)☆


  1. Hello, I am terribly sorry. I thoght that it was okay to put the link bellow that way how I put it. I am really sorry for my mistake. So I've already removed that picture.

    Thank you for your notice, I won't do that again. Again I am terribly sorry.
    Amai from Soul Stain

  2. Please add a link to a downloadable hi-res version below for your tutorials in the future. Just a suggestion! Just found this blog and I think what you guys are doing are fantastic! ♡

  3. Hi~ i love your makeup *_* so beautiful~ just followed your blog ;)