Jiji's Birthday party!

On September 12th our dear Jiji turned 18 years old, however as we were all rather busy with college and work we couldn’t properly make her a birthday party until the 3rd of October! She put us in charge of planning her birthday secretly. 
As we all have different schedules so the guests arrived at different times, yet we did a good number of different activities! 

First, we went trifthing to a place called ‘Eva B’ where you can find all kind of used and vintage clothing and even costumes, we were a little short on money as usual (LOL) so we couldn’t buy much stuff, however we had fun looking around. 

Then, we found a piercing and tattoo salon with Nii’s help. Jiji is such a huge fan of ear piercings and as a collective gift we offered her the piercing of her choice! We all went with her 
to the piercing room to support her (LOL) even though it apparently didn’t hurt much and now she feels ready to have more and more piercings! 

Just before supper time, we had the pleasure to meet with “Kami-sama”, a designer-DJ-producer and organiser. We discussed about our future plans and of course the J-Fest, an awesome event taking place on Oct. 20th. Please look forward it! Pop Kakumei is working hard to get ready to create a good impression! 

For supper, we went to a Thai restautant. We always have a hard time deciding where we should eat and even when we try to eat something different we always end up at an Asian restaurants as the good Asianaboos we are, right! The food was rather good but the portions were way toooo big or us!!
Then, we lighted up the candles and ate the delicious cake together. I wonder what Jiji wished for… I hope she wished for Pop Kakumei to be successful! 

Finally, we went to the arcades and played our favorite games: Mortal Kombat, motorcycle and car racing and a haunted attraction park game.

I really hope Jiji had an amazing birthday!

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