Meet POPKakumei ~ !!

Hello everyone, nice to meet you~!♪
We are Popkakumei, a harajuku ''fashion band" composed of 7 girls from Qc, Canada!

I am PopKakumei's Mochi and I'll be in charge of our first report after the opening of the website!
On august 3rd to 5th we all attended Montreal's annual Japanese pop culture convention, Otakuthon. Being all together for our first important event after the creation of the group, it felt like our official debut!
The weekend was so busy! Those who were there, you might have seen us at the Fairy Crash stand near the artists' alley's exit, where some of our members sold their creations!

We also attended Sunday's Japanese Fashion Show! We met and made friends with really interresting people. It was an amazing experience even though we were all very nervous but it turned out well and it was really fun!!!

While walking around the convention we had the pleasure to meet DJ Kami, the organizer of JFest, a japanese pop culture party event in Montreal. He interviewed some of us and we had the chance to talk with him about our passion and, maybe, plan future collaborations...?

All weekend long we hung out with our friends from Toronto, Peach and Candy, members of the idol group Pinku Project~!! They are so crazy but so kind and fun to be around!

 The pictures were taken by Candy, go take a look at her tumblr!

We took a lot of snaps, too:

See you soon ~ !!!

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