~*~ Fairy Kei ~*~

As most of your probably know, fairy kei is a Japanese Harajuku style that consists of pretty pastel colors and cute patterns. Since 2010 the style "Fairy kei" has been growing more and more popular over the internet which is why it is important to have an article explaining it to you all!
            Let's start by defining what fairy kei is. When people think about fairy kei they usually associate it with pastels and some crazy motifs. The classic coords are usually cute tops with tutus or bloomers as bottoms, but tutus are usually the popular ones. Pastel tights with cool colored vintage running shoes or even cute "lolita" shoes. Most of the time fairy girls use wigs (lots of times in pastel colors or blonde) for beautiful voluminous hair to fit all the cute accessories! Though, do not go overboard with accessories. Fairy kei is not Decora after all~ Keep the accessories in your hair not too overwhelming. A few bows with some cute little clips or mocomoco accessories is perfect!
           Now a style that fairy kei is often mistaken with is Spank!. The two styles are indeed very similar and it is very easy to confuse them. When I started out wearing fairy, I thought it and Spank! where the same style but with two different names. But they are easy to differenciate when keeping in mind that Spank! is inspired by the 80s in Japan with funky prints and 80s inspired coordinations. Below is a good example of a Spank! coord worn by our Mochi at Otakuthon~ You guys can probably see the differences easily between the fairy and spank! style now, right?
            The makeup is also an important factor of the fairy kei style! Coordinations are just half way~ Hair and makeup are important as well! As I explained before, hair can be a wig which just makes everything easier! But natural hair is good too! Pigtails or buns do the trick perfectly~ Moving onto makeup, which is the fun part! Stick to pastel eyeshadows or vibrant pinks and blues~ Remember to not make the makeup too dark! Circle lenses are a must ! Unless of course you have eye problems..... which no one can really do anything about.
For those of you who have a hard time with your makeup or don't know the basics of it, I prepared a little tutorial for you so here it is!

And to sum things up, I prepared a little shopping list for you! Hopefully it will help you out~

~~*~Online stores~*~~

Milklim: This is a typical Fairy kei brand, it has adorable clothes! They can be found at http://oshamagic.ocnk.net/ Make sure to translate your page though, unless you can read japanese! (Note that this shop works with shopping services, so there will be a commission price on the overall)

• Swimmer: This shop has the most adorable accessories and cutesey things for your phone, home and much more! I think it specializes less in clothing and works more on bags, fashion goods and cute interior things~ Their products are very cute and a very affordable price! You can find them here~ http://www.swimmer.co.jp/SHOPPING/ (Note that this shop works with shopping services, so there will be a commission price on the overall)

• ManiaQ: ManiaQ has really adorable merchandise! Their physical shop has closed but luckily they still sell online! Their tights are really cool~ The store itself has a mixture of Spank! and Fairy Kei too! Overall they are very good shop for fairy kei clothing and accessories~ You can find them here: http://maniaq.ocnk.net/ (Note that this shop works with shopping services, so there will be a commission price on the overall)

• Pinkly Ever After: This shop is found on etsy and has really adorable clothes! The accessories are perfect and it's great for fairy kei! They have limited stock and update with new stuff regularily so check that out! Their website is http://www.pinklyeverafter.com/ which also has a link to the shop~

• Bodyline: This is not a fairy kei brand but certain sections of their shop has some clothes that would work out well for fairy kei and that are a very affordable price. Mostly for cutsews, panniers (tutus!), shoes, socks and other sections where you can dig out fairy kei stuff! You can find them riiiiight here~ http://www.bodyline.co.jp

6%Dokidoki: Not everything on 6%Dokidoki is traditional fairy kei, they have kind of a POPkei style but a lot of accessories and clothes work great for fairy kei! Wish on my Shooting Star necklace is one of my personal favorite accessories of all time! Here is a link to their recently opened online shop! http://6dokidoki.shop-pro.jp/

Chocomint: Chocomint is the perfect brand for accessories! They are inexpensive, cute and perfect for fairy kei! Here is a link to where you can buy their merchandise~ http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/chocomint/ or http://closetchild.ocnk.net/ (I recommend Rakuten though, it has a wider selection~)

            I hope this small shopping list helped you out a bit if you are trying out fairy kei or needed any help with finding some things. But if you have trouble with online shopping, your local thrift shop is your best friend! Thrift stores have so much fairy kei material, it is crazy! And it's so cheap!!! Places like American Apparel have really good pastel tights and surprisingly you can even find some stuff hidden in H&M or Forever21 if you look closely enough~!

So now that you understand fairy kei a little better, hopefully... Go out and have fun! Try it out for yourself~ (/^o^)/ ~~**~*~
article by Momo~


  1. wwoow!! Really love this article!! The makeup tutorial is great! And the last picture is beautiful *o*

  2. The makeup tutorial really help me.
    I like Fairy Kei
    Visit : http://harajukustyle012.com/

  3. Spank is a brand, it's not a style .___.
    You can find some information about this brand here:


    1. Spank! is originally a store opened by Tavuchi, but they have a really disctinct look that /is/ considered as a style.