Pop Kakumei's holidays!

Hello Pop Kakumei fans! I hope you all spent an amazing Christmas time with the people you love the most and had fun!
This year, Christmas was very particular to each of us, as we had special guest coming from Toronto and Quebec, and all Pop Kakumei members were together as it should always be!

On the 25th,  , Berry Pinku arrived and we had diner together at Momo’s, to be honest we wanted to cook Chinese food for SV because if you didn’t know IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY TOO!  However as everything was closed the only option left was Chinese takeout, which was still good! After that we played “secret Santa” and exchanged gifts, as you can imagine SV got some extra gifts for her birthday!
On the 26th  Kumi arrived and we wanted to go shopping as crazy because it was the Boxing Day! But as usual… the security guards didn’t like us much because we were a big group and told us to go away… Then we went to a bubble tea place and after that we had to say bye to Peach Pinku , that was really sad… and finally we went back to Momo’s place.

For the rest of the holidays we wanted to do different activities as go trhifting and taking our guests to different parts of Montreal, however as the weather was really bad, that  always went to the shopping mall to eat and go shopping, it can seem repetitive, but actually it was really fun, as long as we are together we always have lots of fun and do crazy things!

New Year’s Eve was also cool! Jiji organized a party at her place and cooked delicious Korean food, even if she doesn’t believes so, she’s a quite good at cooking. While I was busy working, the Pop Kakumei members watched movies, danced and had lot's of fun! 

To be honest those holidays were the best in my life, I was really happy to spent so much time with all my friends, we were like a family, cleaning, cooking and living together, seeing everybody going back home made me really sad, however I know we’ll get to see each other again soon, at G-anime! Thank you all who made an effort to come visit us in Montreal and make this holidays possible!

Finally, to everybody who supports Pop Kakumei, We also want to thank you, 2012 was an important year for us because we created Pop Kakumei and we promise you in 2013 we’ll show and even more amazing side of us, please look forward it!